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16 " x 21 " (approximately) 


This painting is an expression in time, reflecting some of my original thoughts and feelings during the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown and pandemic. The story begins when I ventured into our small backyard early May 2020, in the scorching heat, to notice that the weeds were completely overgrown, as no one came to cut them. I was not upset at seeing this although something moved inside me and I felt another strange emotion. As I looked closer, I was in awe of the intricate beauty of the small buds and flowers dotted among these unruly ‘weeds.’ They swayed in the breeze and tangled into each other, almost as though they were hugging. I was jealous. It had been weeks since I had seen the friends who would usually provide me with warm, loving hugs. I was inspired by these emotions and decided to capture the beauty of this moment by personifying these weeds in a painting. In the background is a calm mountain with a gushing waterfall and cool water basin at it’s foothill. Surrounding the mountain are wispy clouds, reflecting the light of the sunstar perched atop the mountain. The sunstar is iridescent in light, and is charged to receive and omit energies. I made this painting with a lot of love so I hope you enjoy it!

Hugging Weeds

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